Dhamma School  


Rules And Regulations For Parents

  • A Parent should accompany the child to Daham Pasala

  • Be present before 8.00 AM in order to participate in the Buddha Poojawa.

  • Parents are requested to see that Home-Work is done and Books, Pencils etc are inside the Bag.

  • Discuss with your child what has been taught in School.

  • Take extra care to see that the child practices the Buddhist way of life taught in the Daham Pasala.

  • The Child should be modest and come neatly dressed.​

  • The “Uthuru Saluwa” should be correctly draped when Observing Sil.

  • It is very important that the Parent stays on until the Religious Observances are done.

  • Maintain a Log Book to communicate between the Teacher and the Parent in respect of the progress of the child.

To guide children for a cultured life in the society.

  • Make an attitudinal change of children who attend the Dhamma School

  • Impart Dhamma education

  • Encourage to memorize important “Sutthas” and to coach the behavioral patterns within religious places

  • Encourage students to record meritorious acts in the hand book from which, they are convinced in participating in similar activities.

  • Persuade students to share good qualities among students.

  • Practice appropriate dress code in Temples, places of worship and where Dhamma related activities take place, in homes and else where.​

Time Table

07.30 A.M – 08.00 A.M Commencement of Dhamma School

  • Observance of Pansil

  • Offering of flowers to Lord Buddha

  • Mettha Meditation

  • Recital of “Karaneeya Mettha Suttha”

  • Recital of Dhamma School song

08.00 A.M – 10.45 A.M Dhamma Education

10.45 A.M – 11.20 A.M Buddha Pooja and Invvoke Blessings

11.20 A.M – 11.30 A.M National Anthem


Educated, experienced, well trained, disciplined and carefully selected teachers are functioning as staff members in the school


Submit duly completed application form with the necessary information.


Examinations are held in the month of November (Year 6 and above examinations are conducted by the Department of Buddhist Affairs)Dhamma teachers will train and guide students by testing their knowledge regularly and maintain relevant records.

Special Programs

  • Conduct “Sil” campaigns every month

  • Display Buddhist Art and other articles by the students

  • To summon parents and explain the skills of the students

  • Organise Dhamma Sermons once a month with the participation of the parents

  • Distribution of Dhamma books among children

  • Provide library facilities

  • To encourage children to share their meals

  • Patthana Dharma Sabhawa
  • 487/25, Thimbirigasyaya Road,
  • Narahenpita, Colombo 5,
  • Sri Lanka
  • TP : 011-2580417