Patthana Desana Saaraya

Most Ven. Wanavasi Yagoda Dharmaprabha Thero

This invaluable Dhamma Book par Excellence contains a very rare description of the Patthana Dhamma………. The Twenty Modes of Conditionality, everybody in Dhamma, especially regular Meditators should read. A knowledge of Patthana Dhamma and Abhidhamma helps one to recognise one’s own MIND paving way to tread on the PATH with much ease..

The activity of one thing determining something else, called Sankharic activity or conditionality, is by no means a simple process. It is a highly complex and complicated process. The Patthana text, under the term Paccaya, enumerates and describes 24 different modes in which this interaction takes place, with particular reference, of course, to our psychological life experience.

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