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Patthana Dharma Sabhawa, Colombo-05

Head Quarters of Patthana Dhamma Sabhawa is situated in Narahenpita in the City of Colombo and is the dwelling Vihara of Venerable Korathota Wessabhu Thero. Dhamma related programmes such as Samatha / Vipassana (Tranquility / Insight) Meditation, Dhamma Teachings, Dhamma Courses and other Dhamma propagation activities are being carried out at this premises.

Bodhigrama Meditation Centre, Bogamuwa, Aluthgama, Yakkala

Bodhigrama Meditation Centre, in Bogamuwa, Aluthgama, Yakkala in the Gampaha District, is located approx. 0.5 km from Colombo – Kandy main road. It is a peaceful, calm & quiet, serene and a beautiful place with lush greenery conducive for mental and spiritual development.

The Founder of Patthana Dharma Sabhawa

Most Venerable Late Yagoda Dharmaprabha Maha Thero

Most Venerable Late Yagoda Dharmaprabha Maha Thero was born in August 1919 and was ordained at Yagoda Sugathanandarama Temple. He received his higher ordination as an Upassampada monk and he spent his early days at Thapowana, Aranna (Forest hermitage) near Wawulugala Estate in Imaduwa, Galle, Having lived at Kalugala Hermitage for some time, he learnt the Dhamma under such erudite scholars as Agga Maha Panditha Venerable Balangoda Ananda Maithriya Thero. He then proceeded to Burma and studied Meditation under Karmasthanacharya Maha Panditha Ashin Sobhana Mahasi – the Founder and Chief Instructor at Sasana Yeith, the foremost amongst the hundreds of Satipattana and Vipassana Meditation Centres.

At the 6th Council of the Dhamma held in Burma, he was selected out of hundreds thousands of Buddhist monks to lead the Conference. Venerable Naradha Maha Thero of Vajiraramaya introduced him as one who has attained the Path and Fruition (Magga Pala) of Nibbana.

After his return to Thapowana Aranya at Wawulugala, in the Galle District, he commenced his self imposed mission of thatching Samatha / Vipassana Meditation and conducting Abhidhamma classes both for the monks as well as lay devotees. His students were from the immediate vicinity and from far away places in Sri Lanka.

Venerable Yagoda Dharmaprabha Thero has authored a large number of books on the Dhamma and Meditation. Buddha Bhavana, Patthana, Patthana Deshana Saraya, Vidarshana Guru Potha, Sitha, Sirasa saha Nivana Hevath Dhammasangani, Visuddhi Vipassana Bhawana are a few of his books.

He established the Patthana Dharma Sabhawa in 1961. Having established its Head Quarters in Colombo, he became its Founder and the First Director. 20 perches of crown land was obtained in Narahenpita in 1987 for the construction of the Head Quarters.

The Present Director of Patthana Dharma Sabhawa

Venerable Korathota Wessabhu Thero

Venerable Korathota Wessabhu Thero, is the present Director of Patthana Dharma Sabhawa since 1993 to date.Born in Korathota, Kaduwela in the suburbs of the City of Colombo, to an affluent business family, Venerable Korathota Wessabhu Thero had his early education at Korathota Maha Vidyalaya.

At the age of 14 years he was ordained a monk by his teacher Venerable Dharmaprabha Maha Thero at Buddha Gaya in India, together with 10 others in the year 1982. There onwards he devotedly followed in the footsteps of his teacher, attending his classes on Abhidhamma and meditation in Colombo and elsewhere. He was elevated to the senior status of an Upasampadha monk in March 1992.

The Great Assembly of the Siyam Maha Nikaya of the Malwatta Chapter after due consideration of his knowledge on the deeper philosophy of the Buddha has conferred on him the title ‘Saddharma Keerthi Sri Tripitakacharya’ which means ‘famous in the knowledge of the Noble Dhamma – Glorious Teacher of the Buddhist Canon’ at a relatively young age. Having obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from the University of Kelaniya in 2001 offering Buddhist Culture, Buddhist Philosophy and Mass Communications as subjects, he as at present is reading for his Masters Degree in Arts from the same University.

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