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Construction of Sanghawasa – Stage 2

The building situated at No. 487/25, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05 is presently not adequate to deliver the objectives of the Founder and require upgrading to suit the modern demands in technology and accommodation of the growing number of disciples who follow Patthana, Abhidhamma studies and devote themselves on Vipassana Meditation.

In the light of the above, in order to overcome the following constraints in space and facilities, the present Director Venerable Korathota Wessabhu Thero and the lay Dayaka Sabhawa decided during 2009 to establish the above Building Development Fund.

The premises being located within the prime location in the Colombo city, provide an ideal location to monks who dwell in remote Aranya Senasana in rural areas, to reside and obtain medical services and recuperate and accordingly re-design the layout of ‘Sanghawasa’ to provide the said accommodation.

Construct a Library to store valuable Dhamma books and restore Abidhamma and Patthana Dhamma using latest IT related techniques to propagate Dhamma.

Expand the current facilities required to growing participants in Abhidhamma, Pali, Dhamma classes, conducting of Seela and Meditation retreats, conducting of Dhamma School for children. Construct and establish Patthana Chetiya within the premises, enshrine Buddha Relics enabling devotees to pay homage.

Re-locate the Buddha Mandhiraya to facilitate conduct of rituals and daily observances.As per the design concept put forward by Consultant Nandana Karunasena Associates, Chartered Architects and Urban Designers, Colombo-06, the cost of the entire project is estimated at SL Rupees Twenty Eight Million (Rs. 28M).

Your valuable participation by generous donations is anticipated by assenting cost of one square foot as SLRs. 5000.00 or multiples of same and provide your valuable assistance towards this meritorious deed to propagate Dhamma and further strengthen Buddha Sasana on this Planet Earth.


Please draw cheque in favour of Pattana Dharma Sabha Building Development Fund, crossed A/C payee or remit your contribution direct to the following Bank Account.

Pattana Dharma Sabha Building Development Fund,

Manager, Sampath Bank,


A/C No. 0040 6000 0595


***** Patthana Dharma Sabhawa, whilst appreciating your meritorious contribution towards the upliftment of the Buddha Sasana, would be pleased to be notified of your donation. *****

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