Anupassana Samaadhigaraya, Aluthgama, Bogamuwa, Yakkala  

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Bodhigrama Meditation Centre, Aluthgama, Bogamuwa, Yakkala

Anupassana Samadhigharya is a Meditation Centre designed for Meditators, under construction at Aluthgama, Bogamuwa, Yakkala in the Gampaha District. The Centre is located approx. 1/2 k.m. from the Colombo – Kandy main road. It is a peaceful, quiet, serene and a beautiful place with lush greenery.

To any person desirous of having a tranquilled mind, the Centre intends to provide the necessary facilities as well as correct guidance and advice. This will be an ideal place for local and foreign persons to spend a short vacation in blissful mental contentment.

To the residential monks and the laity, this will be an exclusive Centre for daily meditation practice to experience mental seclusion and inner peace without any external hindrances. It will also give an opportunity to the residential monks who study the Thripitaka to be trained in meditation.

Project Committee

  • Ven. Koratota Wessabhu Thero (Hon. Advisor)

  • Deshabandu Olcott Gunasekara

  • Eng. Chitral Panditha,

  • Archt. Suchith Mohotti,

  • Mrs. Sudharma Panditha

  • Mrs. Sujatha Dias

  • ​Mrs. Pushpa Karunarathne

  • Dr. Nawamalika De Silva

The intention was to complete the construction by Wesak 2011 to coincide with the commemoration of the 2600th Anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment. But due to certain constraints construction of this project is still underway. The total project cost is expected to be SLRs. 15.0 MLN. Cost per sq.ft. is estimated at SLRs. 3000.00


Please draw cheque in favour of Anupassana Samaadhigaraya Fund, crossed A/C payee or remit your contribution direct to the following Bank Account.

The Manager, Sampath Bank Ltd,


A/C No. 0040 5000 4010


***** Patthana Dharma Sabhawa, whilst appreciating your meritorious contribution towards the upliftment of the Buddha Sasana, would be pleased to be notified of your donation. *****

  • Patthana Dharma Sabhawa
  • 487/25, Thimbirigasyaya Road,
  • Narahenpita, Colombo 5,
  • Sri Lanka
  • TP : 011-2580417